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for incisions wheels peripheral wheels for threads wheels cup wheels outline wheels polishing wheels felt    

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      For incision wheels

They're unique, original, known the world over, capable of unlimited performance.  They can be used on any machine ( INTERMAC - BIMATECH - BAVELLONI - TECNOMETAL, ecc.) with any profile; (round, flat,offset), combining them with CERIUM OXIDE wheels ( PL-IRIDE ) results in a truly remarkable brilliance of incision.

            GROOVY n. 2 - light red color

            GROOVY n. 1 - gray-green color

            PL - white color 

            FLEX - green color  

            IRIDE - white color    

       Peripherals wheels

Through constant research, we have developed various types of wheels with characteristics that adapt to various needs. The information you'll find in the product descriptions will certainly help you make your choice, along with our support and technical advice, of course. CERIUM OXIDE wheels can be used with peripheral wheels, too.( IRIDE-PL ). B.STAR (first passage) and IRIDE (second passage) wheels have also gained wide appreciation in flat edge polishing on difficult surfaces such as marble.Tutti i tipi di mole periferiche sono realizzabili con qualsiasi diametro, foro, altezza.

            FLEX - green color

            B.D. - red brown color

            B.STAR - bright red color

            MARAEXTRA-ORION-B.B.-B.EXTRA - dark red color

            FOX - yellow color

            LUX3-LUX6-LUX - gray color

            IRIDE - white color  

            PL - white color   

            AB.3 - dark gray color

            AB.4 - light gray color  

            VR1 - brown color       

            VR2 - yellow ochre color     

            ONE - salmon color            

      For threads wheels

The vast range satisfies all demands in this group as well. Pastes B.D. - AB3 - AB4 in cup form for threads give the thread an excellent, long-lasting shine. The stone-type compounds  AR1 - AR2, (see BAVELLONI-type wheels) are two new products that are enjoying great success.

                        AR1 - red color    

                    AR2 - black color    

                        AB.3 - dark gray color

                    AB.4 - light gray color

                    B.D. - red brown color

      Cup wheels

Step by step, ITALMOLE is also gaining ground in this sector as well, offering a good alternative to brands that have been on the market for years.  The quality/price ratio is truly excellent.  There are products for all types of machines.

         X - colors differentiate the grind  

        L - colors differentiate the grind  

       RM46 - yellow color                      

     Outline wheels

ITALMOLE can make almost any kind of profile used, perfectly matching the profiles of better known companies that produce diamond wheels.  They range from the bull nose, OG form, 45 degrees on peripheral wheels, to round, offset profiles on wheels for incision.  It is possible to profile all our wheel types, including CERIUM OXIDE wheels (IRIDE and PL).

       Polishing  wheels

                                                                   Cerium Oxide

The Company offers four types of polishing wheel. Types CR and CP are available in cup shape only.  The PL type is a spongy compound that incorporates CERIUM OXIDE with incredible adaptability; for this reason it is available in all forms: INCISION-PERIPHERAL-CUP.  IRIDE, a rather rigid compound that offers attractive results in both PERIPHERAL and INCISION form, and IRIDE, are often used to polish marble as well.

          IRIDE - white color

            PL -     white color

            CP -    white color  

            CR -    white color


Spiral felt for all type of machines

for incisions wheels peripheral wheels for threads wheels cup wheels outline wheels polishing wheels felt                       e-mail: grvent@tin.it

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