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     Glass in ancient Egypt

   The oldest examples of glass discovered in the tombs of Egypt and Assyria are in the form of beads, scarabs, amulets, etc. for personal decoration, while glass objects such as bottles, cups and vases came at a later date.

      For example, glass bottles were found in the tomb of Thutmose I, who ruled Egypt from 1507 to 1497 B.C.

      These bottles were less than five inches tall and were blue, with yellow threads of glass applied to the outside as a decoration.

      More was revealed about the extensive use of glass during the Pharaonic era by the discovery of glass bottles in most of the ancient Egyptian tombs of rulers and nobles from succeeding dynasties.

      More significant was the discovery during the 1920s of a delicate glass sceptre, which was among the legendary treasures of Tutankhamoun.