Does your hearing need health care?

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the ears are the door to thinking. Feel what you will see when you open the window. A rich and colorful world rushes into your face, but you can't imagine what kind of world it will be if you only see scenery but no sound, without the call of the wind and the absence of birds. Crying, without the cheerful flow of a stream... The lack of perception of sound will affect our understanding and judgment of things, thereby hindering our language communication and thinking development.

Does hearing need health care?

Hearing care is very important. After birth, a person is given two double ears just like two eyes, which are used to distinguish sounds, balance the body, establish speech, and communicate between people. It can be seen how critical hearing is for people to communicate with society and integrate into society.

To protect hearing, you must first be healthy physically and mentally, and have a cheerful and peaceful attitude. Enhance immunity and reduce colds. Exposure to loud noise and the use of ototoxic drugs should be avoided. Do not wear the Walkman etc. on your ears for long periods of time. Avoid head and ear trauma. Do not pick your ears randomly to avoid damaging the skin of the ear canal and causing inflammation. The elderly, children, and patients with concomitant diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes should be more vigilant about hearing loss.

Once you suffer from sudden deafness, you should actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. Pay attention to rest, do not be anxious, adjust your emotions and reshape a good mentality. This will relax the spasm of blood vessels in the inner ear and improve the microcirculation disorder. A good mood will also enhance resistance and resist the invasion of the inner ear by viruses.

How to protect ears and hearing

(1) Avoid all kinds of noise. If people are exposed to various noises such as roaring machines, noisy vehicles, loud voices, etc. for a long time, their hearing may be damaged. Decrease or even cause noise-induced deafness and tinnitus. People who are occupationally exposed to noise should review their hearing regularly. If possible, change the working environment to reduce the time of exposure to noise;

(2) Avoid wearing headphones for long periods of time and use high-quality audio Loud and high-volume audio sounds can cause fatigue damage to the hearing organs, leading to hearing loss or even deafness. This condition is more common among teenagers, because hearing loss caused by wearing headphones for a long time is a slow process, and people experience hearing loss without knowing it. Try to go to the electric amusement park as little as possible.Noisy environments such as ice rinks, KTVs, discotheques and bars, etc., stay away from "disco", firecrackers and other high-decibel places, and the audio volume in the home theater should also be appropriately controlled. When you have symptoms of tinnitus or hearing loss, go to the hospital for a check-up. Your hearing has already undergone irreversible changes;

(3) Avoid using ototoxic drugs, such as streptomycin and chlorine. Damycin, neomycin, furosemide, etc. If the condition requires use, you should also closely observe hearing changes and various external and middle ear diseases, which may also lead to conductive hearing loss. If you find ear discomfort or hearing loss, you should seek medical treatment promptly. Some hearing loss can be improved through surgery;

(4) Newborns should undergo routine hearing screening. If hearing impairment is found, they should Early intervention and treatment.