The old man cannot hear what others are saying. What is the reason? Is there any solution?

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There is a strange phenomenon in life, that is, the elderly who are deaf often cannot hear others say good things about them, but they can hear others say bad things about them. When some people encounter such a situation, they will think that the elderly are "pretending to be deaf", but is this really the case?

The old man can’t hear what others are saying clearly. What is the reason? Is there a solution?

The old man can’t hear what others are saying clearly. What’s the reason?
Generally speaking, the sound range that the human ear can hear is between 20 and 20,000 Hz, which can be divided into three frequency bands: high frequency, medium frequency, and low frequency. However, since the sensitivity of each person's ears is different, some people can hear certain sounds while others cannot.
The inability to hear in the ears of the elderly is a manifestation of the aging process of the human body in the auditory organs. The pathogenesis of presbycusis is complex and currently unclear. Some data show that among elderly patients with hyperlipidemia, the incidence of presbycusis is significantly higher than that in the normal blood lipid group. Long-term exposure to noise, the influence of different eating habits, genetic factors, etc. can all cause presbycusis.

Is there a solution?

When we find that our speech recognition ability has declined, we must seek medical treatment promptly and undergo an audiological examination to determine the cause. Because if it is sudden deafness or middle ear problems, it is possible for our hearing to return to normal levels after medical treatment or surgical intervention. For some patients with long-term hearing loss, such as senile hearing loss, drug treatment may no longer be effective. At this time, we must choose Hearing Aids for the patients as soon as possible. The audiologist will adjust the hearing aid according to the patient's hearing condition so that the hearing aid amplifies sounds that the patient cannot hear, thereby improving his speech recognition ability.

For patients with senile hearing loss, their central auditory function is reduced, and the patient's speech understanding ability is reduced. There is no better clinical solution to this kind of senile degenerative disease, so in the elderly, the selection of After wearing hearing aids, in our daily conversations with the elderly, we should try to slow down our speaking speed and use some simple and easy-to-understand words or sentences, so that the elderly can have sufficient reaction time to understand what we say.

The old man’s ears cannot hearDietary Notes

Foods to avoid: fatty meat, animal liver, brain, kidney, lung and other internal organs, squid, cuttlefish, eel, bone marrow, egg yolk, crab roe, lard, caviar, cream and its products, coconut Oil, cocoa butter, etc.;

Food: fish, chicken, various lean meats, protein, soy products, fresh vegetables, fruits and fruits are low-fat diets, more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people; Eat less animal fat and offal, and eat more foods rich in trace elements and vitamins C and E to increase the activity of SOD (superoxide dismutase) in the body and eliminate disease-causing free radicals. Vegetables, fruits, onions, ginger, garlic, etc. are all foods that are good for health.
As age increases day by day, body organs will slowly age. When the human body enters the aging period, one should always be wary of physical diseases. Even some functional organs, such as ears, nose, etc., may have problems due to aging. This is why many elderly people have poor hearing or vision. Such problems definitely require treatment.

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